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Street light attachments request

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Form for a licence to attach things to our street lights
Complete this form for a licence to attach things to street lights in Surrey. There is currently no charge for this licence. Most applications will take up to 28 days to process. The application is a three stage process:-
1) Extra documents and or certificates - we will tell you after you submit this form what documents or evidence we need from you
2) Engineers assessment - our engineers will assess that everything will be safe
3) License issued

Your consent to use your data to process this application
Please select the following box to confirm that you are happy for us to use your data to process this application in line with our privacy notice. *
  • We need your consent in order to process this application.

Applicant name and contact details

Contractor name and contact details
We need to know who will attach the item/s to the street lights
We need an emergency contact. This must be a 24/7 number.

Location details
You can submit a single application to cover multiple locations within the same District or Borough. For locations in a different District or Borough, please submit a separate application.
Please provide a summary of the location that can be printed on the licence. Once you submit your application, we will send you a form where you can provide a detailed location for each street light. Please provide as much detail there as possible, to avoid the application being rejected.
Please provide a summary location.  You will be asked for details later.
Details about what you would like to attach to the street light/s
What are you going to do, what are you attaching.
Will you be using an electrical connection? *
Will you be using CCTV? *
Will you be displaying/advertising a message (e.g. a sign or banner)? *
Please select the box to confirm that you have £10million public liability insurance *
We may ask for further information if we feel that it is necessary (for example contractor competency certificates, highway electrical academy registration). *
If you have completed all the fields marked *, then please click "Submit".