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TCC Authorised Identity Badge Booking Form

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You have chosen to a book a place on the following event. Please check these details carefully. If they are incorrect you can book on a different event.
Event details
Location: County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2DY
Date: 02/02/2017 - 02/02/2017
Time: 12:40 - 13:00
Cost: 70.00
Please note that you MUST have at least 1 item of group 1 documentation to apply for an authorised identity badge using this form. Please check the approved documents list for an up to date list of acceptable documents. Failure to bring the correct documents will result in the cancelling of your appointment and the possible forfeiting of your fee.
If you cannot provide documentation from group 1, please DO NOT submit this form. You will need to contact the TCC and arrange an individual 1 hour appointment for an external verification check.
The TCC run a strict 3-strike policy on badge applications. If an appointment is missed / failed 3 times, that application will be closed and the applicant will have to re-apply and pay again. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN

Please bear in mind that there is NO PARKING available at County Hall. The closest car park is behind the Crown Court, on The Bittoms.
The date you moved into your current address
Applicants MUST be 21 or over to apply for an Authorised Identity Badge
Applicants MUST be 21 or over to apply for an Authorised Identity Badge.

A 5 year address history is required by DBS to verify your identity


If you are applying as a driver you MUST provide your hackney carriage / private hire licence at the appointment, as well as your driving licence.

This is required only if you are working in the UK under a working VISA
This is required only if you are working in the UK under a working VISA

If you have answered NO you may be asked to take a test, to check your understanding of spoken English, at your application appointment. Because of the position involved of transporting children and vulnerable adults, SCC require a level of English to be understood / spoken, to ensure all safety aspects will be met on the vehicle.

If you have answered YES you will need to provide a certificate of good conduct, from that country, at your application appointment and fill in the details below.

DRIVERS ONLY to complete the following section
Please select how you are licenced. If you hold dual licences, please select multiple boxes OR list all issuing authorities below
PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for a drivers authorised identity badge, you must bring along your PH / HC licence to your vetting appointment. Applications will not be able to be processed without it.

Please confirm below that you have read the following declaration, AND that you have read the Code of Conduct for Drivers / Escorts. This can be found on the Surrey CC website, or requested from the TCC.
I understand that Surrey County Council (SCC) may decline to issue a Transport Co-ordination Centre (TCC) Authorised Identity Badge (AIB) to me. I understand that if i am issued a SCC AIB, it must be in my possession whilst working on SCC contracts. I must report its loss if/when appropriate. Furthermore, i understand that i must only use the badge whilst working for the above mentioned company on behalf of SCC. Should i cease to be employed by this nominated company, i must return the badge to my manager or SCC. If i commence working for another operator or change my personal or contact details i must advise SCC to ensure records are updated with the correct information. I understand that failure to do so could result in the issue of penalty points against the TCC AIB, which could lead to the badge being revoked. I UNDERSTAND THAT SCC MAY WITHDRAW THE BADGE FROM ME WITHOUT NOTICE AND AT THEIR SOLE DISCRETION AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE. I certify that all the information i have provided to support this application for a SCC AIB is true. I also confirm i have read the current code of conduct for drivers / escorts booklet before i commence work on any TCC contract.
Declaration *

At your application appointment, the first part of the online application is filled out by the TCC officer. The second part is optional.
Please check OPTION A if you would like the TCC officer to complete the second part of the online application, at your application appointment.
Please check OPTION B if you wish to complete the second part of the online application, at your application appointment or at a later date.
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Driving licence check
From 8th June 2015 the counter part driving licence is no longer valid. The TCC will need to carry out a driving licence check with the DVLA to ensure entitlement. Checking the below declaration confirms that the applicant is happy for a TCC Authorised Officer to carry out this check, at the application appointment, using the information provided in this form
Declaration *


Attendee details

You may only book one place at a time using this form.

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