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Checklist for Civil Partnership Ceremony - Register Office

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We are following Public Health England's social distancing guidelines and have therefore taken the difficult but essential decision to limit the number of people at a civil partnership to the couple and a maximum of 6 guests (which must include witnesses) at Guildford and Leatherhead or a maximum of 4 guests at Weybridge.
Your details
Please include all middle names
Please include all middle names
Would you like to include a ceremony?
You form a civil partnership by signing the legal documents with your witnesses.
Would you also like to include a ceremony as part of your booking? *
On the day of your civil partnership formation, you must provide 2 witnesses who are over 18 and able to speak and understand English. Witnesses may be family or friends and they will sign the legal documents. The Registration Service cannot provide witnesses for you. If your witnesses change, please let the Registrar know on the day.
Witnesses must speak & understand English.  We cannot provide witnesses for you.
Witnesses must speak & understand English.  We cannot provide witnesses for you.
Ceremony choices
If you have chosen to include a ceremony, there are two Surrey ceremonies to choose from. These can be found in your booking confirmation email. If you would like us to send you a copy of the ceremony scripts, please email
Which ceremony would you like the Registrar to use?
You may repeat the legal civil partnership declaration in the presence of your guests, if you wish.
Would you like to include any personal promises to each other?
  • Short, personal promises may be included if approved before the day
Any personal promises should be solemn and dignified, short in length and should not contain any religious content. Personal promises are approved 6 weeks prior to the ceremony by the Ceremonies Team. If your promises have not been approved before the day, it may not be possible to include them in your ceremony. Please email personal promises to
Are you exchanging rings / tokens? *
It will not be possible for somebody to present the rings to the couple during the ceremony. Please ensure you have the rings with you.
Please note: Animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles, including your own pets, are not allowed to be present or to take part in the ceremony.
Music - must not have any religious content
Would you like to include music in your ceremony? *
All music is approved by the Ceremonies Team 6 weeks prior to the ceremony. If any music has not been approved before the day, it may not be possible to include it in your ceremony. The Surrey Registration Service reserves the right to refuse live music performances if the setting up or removing of the equipment, will delay your ceremony or any other ceremony being held on the premises.
What music have you chosen for your ceremony?
  • Music must not contain religious references, for example, Pie Jesu
If you have chosen the Register Office Music, which Music have you chosen?
If you have chosen your own music, we will have this music ready for you on the day. Please state the title and artist/band in each case for the signing of the legal documents and your exit music below.
Please give music title and artist
Please give music title and artist
Please give music title and artist
Further information for your ceremony
Are you having a photographer? *
Your photographer will be invited to enter the ceremony room at the end of the ceremony to take photos of your signing the legal documents.
The Registrar will make an announcement before the ceremony starts to let your guests know if you are happy for them to take photographs during the ceremony.
Would you like your guests to take photos during the ceremony? *
And finally......
When you are formally pronounced civil partners, would you like to be invited to share a kiss? *
Additional Information
Terms and Conditions
Please read our Terms and Conditions . We recommend that you pay particular attention to the contents and timings section, as if you arrive late, it may not be possible to include all your ceremony content.
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