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Applications for Travel Assistance for Young People with an EHCP/SSEN (Aged 16-25)

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This form should only be completed if you are aged 16-25 and in receipt of an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Needs (SSEN). Please read the Travel Assistance Policy 2018/19 carefully before completing this form.
If you are already receiving Travel Assistance from Surrey County Council and would like to change the type of assistance you receive. Please do not complete this form, instead email the Travel Assistance Team at-
If you require assistance for a child up to the age of 16 then please complete the Application for Travel Assistance for Young People with an EHCP or SSEN aged 0-16
The information provided will be used as part of the eligibility assessment, therefore please answer all questions fully, as failure to do so will result in delays assessing your application. It is important to note that by filling out this application it does not mean travel assistance will be granted. However, you will be notified of the outcome of the assessment as soon as possible.
Student Details
Your details
School/College and Course Details
Request for Travel Assistance
I have read the Guide to Travel Assistance booklet and the Travel Assistance Policy for Young People with an EHCP or SSEN and believe that I am eligible for transport assistance because:
I will be over 16 and under 25 on the 31 August of the academic year prior to the start of my course *
I will be attending a qualifying education provider (See page 11 of the 2018/19 Policy) *
I will be attending a full time, Further Education course for at least one academic year *
I will be attending an education provider that is more than three miles walking distance from my home *
This will be assessed and checked by Surrey County Council
I am a wheelchair user/have a disability that impacts on me walking to school/college *
Can you use public transport to get to school/college? *
Please provide proof of maximum Working Tax Credit if travel assistance is being requested on these grounds

Free bus passes for disabled people
A free bus allows Surrey residents (aged 5 and over) with eligible disabilities to travel on buses free of charge. This includes if you are under 18 with a current completed EHCP or SSEN.
If you would like to apply for a Free Bus Pass then please click on the link for further information.
Do you currently hold a free bus pass? *
Will you now be applying for a free bus pass? *
Have you been turned down for a free bus pass previously? *

Independent Travel Training
Travel training gives children with Special Educational Needs the skills and confidence to travel independently on public transport. It is available for young people who are aged 11-19 and eligible for Travel Assistance. Your child can receive Travel Training whilst receiving another type of Travel Assistance.
Please indicate if you could benefit now from Independent Travel Training (ITT) *
I confirm that I have read the Travel Assistance Policy and fully accept the conditions under which I am applying for travel assistance, including the level of student contribution required. I certify that the information given in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if I give you false information, or fail to give you complete information, any assistance I receive may be withdrawn. I understand that if any provision is granted in error, the Authority reserves the right to withdraw the provision once a reasonable period of notice has been given in writing. I authorise the Authority to verify the accuracy of the above information from educational establishments, other councils and agencies. I also agree to let you know if the student named on this form moves address or changes school/college.
Thank you for completing this form, please check that you have completed all the necessary fields before submitting it. You may also wish to print a copy for your records.
If you would like to see how the Transport Coordination Centre use your personal data please read our Privacy Notice
If you have completed all the fields marked *, then please click "Submit".