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Vehicle Crossover Suitability Survey

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Vehicle crossover application Step 1: Before you start, please ensure you have read and fully understood the vehicle crossover guidance notes (PDF). Please then complete this form and initial payment fee of £125 to request a site suitability survey for a vehicle crossover.
Your details
Please check our map showing the roads affected by Lane Rental to see if your road is subject to lane rental restrictions. Lane Rental began in Surrey in April 2021 and impacts works taking place on certain roads at peak times in Surrey.

Property Details
If you are applying for a widened crossover, please be aware that we generally only allow a widening of one further dropped kerb, depending on the location and existing size.

Your preferences
We will try to accommodate your requests as far as possible, while still adhering to the guidelines and criteria set out in the guidance notes.
Our standard crossing size is 3 dropped kerbs and 2 sloping kerbs which equates to 4.6 metres along the kerb. We apply this as standard.
The final decision rests with Surrey County Council on the size and location of where a crossover may be put.

To assist us when assessing the location, please let us know if you have any preferences over the location (in relation to the property) and size of the proposed crossover? *
Property boundary on the right, as you look at it from the road
Vehicle crossover measurements guide

Permissions and Planning Consent
Planning Consent is needed if your property is on a classified (A, B or C) road, or if the property is a flat/maisonette.
If your property is on a "D" class road and is a house for a family, planning consent may be required if you intend to construct the proposed off-highway parking area using non-porous material such as concrete, asphalt concrete, block paving or similar. For more information please see the national planning portal webpage.
If your initial application is successful, you will need to send us a copy of either a letter from the Borough/District Council showing that planning consent is not required, or a copy of every page of the planning consent issued by them including any drawings, before we can progress the later stages of the application.

The presence of land in other ownership, over which the crossover will pass (i.e. between the boundary of the property and the public highway), must be declared by the applicant. (e.g. common / amenity / retained strip of private land).
Are you aware of any such land? *

If yes, and your initial application is successful, you will need to obtain consent in writing from the owner. You will need to send this to us via email before we can progress the later stages of the application.

Are there any restrictions preventing parking of vehicles on your property? *

Have you fully read and understood the vehicle crossover guidance notes*
Does this application meet all the criteria set out in the vehicle crossover guidance notes*
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Application fee (non-refundable) * £125.00 £125.00

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