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Tell Us Once Registration Form For Inquests

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This form is for those families who are dealing with a bereavement that has resulted in an inquest investigation. Completing the information below will allow the Surrey Registration Service to register details onto the Tell Us Once Service, generating the unique reference number required. This number will then be sent onto you with further information on what to do next. Please do not leave any questions blank as all of the information is required for registering onto the Tell Us Once Service.
Deceased's details
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This should be the deceased's last registered permanent address
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Thank you for completing the above information. A registrar will now register you onto the Tell Us Once service and will send you your unique reference number, together with contact details and useful documents required to complete the second part of the process. We hope that this service will save you numerous telephone calls and correspondence to different organisations at a difficult time. If you have any queries on registering for this Service, please call us on 01483 518248.
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