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Planning applications - your comments

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District and borough councils deal with planning applications for building, extending or converting homes, offices or shops. Surrey County Council deals with applications for minerals or waste-related developments, and for developments to its own property, such as schools and libraries.
This form should only be used for commenting on current planning applications under consideration by the County Council. Details of applications under consideration are available on the Planning Applications page of this website.
Do not use this form if you have an enquiry or complaint regarding sites with planning permission issued by Surrey County Council. Please use the Planning Enforcement Enquiry/Complaint Report link from the Planning enforcement of minerals and waste page.

Your full postal address is necessary to send an acknowledgement of your comment and to inform you of the decision on the application when it has been determined. We cannot accept your comments without the full postal address.
format should be SCC REF yyyy/NNNN (eg SCC REF 2010/1234)
format should be XXyy/NNNN (eg MO10/1234)
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