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School Admission Appeal Form KS2 and above

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If you are unsure, please read more about the Appeal process.
Guidance notes
It is important that you have read the guidance notes before completing this form. You can download the guidance notes here.
Please confirm you have read the guidance notes. *

Parent/Guardian details
Contact details
Child's details
Gender *
I wish to appeal against the decision of the Admission Authority not to offer my child a place at the school named below.
I wish to attend my appeal in person *
I will be represented at my appeal
If you are being represented, please give the following details
Address of representative
Do you wish us to send your representative a copy of the papers to be used at appeal?
Do you need the School Appeals Service to arrange the interpreter or signer for you?
Does your child currently have a statement of Special Educational Needs? *
If you have any other children, please give details below.
If they are of school age please state the school(s) that they attend.
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4

For information on how an Appeal Panel makes its decison please see decision making process.
Under statutory guidance you should be given at least 10 schools days notice of your appeal date. In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to give this statutory notice. This would only happen after an initial discussion with you. Please tick yes or no if you would be happy to proceed with your appeal following a shorter notice period.
Surrey County Council (the 'Council') respects your privacy rights and is committed to ensuring that it protects your details, the information about your dealings with the Council and other information available to the Council ('your information'). In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Council will use your information, for the purpose of processing your school admission appeal(s), to

(a) deal with your requests and administer its departmental functions,
(b) meet its statutory obligations, and
(c) prevent and detect fraud.

The Council may share your information (but only the minimum amount of information necessary to do the above and only where it is lawful to do so) within the Council (including other admission authorities, central government departments, law enforcement agencies, statutory and judicial bodies and independent appeal panels). The Council may also use and disclose information that does not identify individuals for research and strategic development purposes. The School Appeals Service and Local Authority reserve the right to verify the information contained in this form.

Declaration of Parent/Guardian

I wish to exercise my right of appeal under the School Standards & Framework Act 1998 for a place at the school named above, as I have been refused a place at this school. *
I certify that I am the person with parental responsibility for the child named above and the information given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. *
I understand that if I do not attend the hearing and I do not send a representative, my appeal will be heard in my absence using the information I have supplied on this form along with any other information I have sent to the School Appeals Service before my hearing date. *
I understand that any false or deliberately misleading information given on this form and/or supporting information may render this appeal invalid and/or further appropriate action being taken. *
If you are submitting further information or further evidence please ensure you include your name, the child's name, school and the form reference number. Further information can be submitted by post or email.
Contact details

Room 135, County Hall
School Appeals Service
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames

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