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Ordinary Watercourse Consent, OWC, Land Drainage Consent, request to do works on a non main river

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1. Applicant Details
Do you own the land where the works are being carried out? Are you a tenant or occupier of the land? Are you an agent applying on behalf of the landowner?
2. Landowner/Occupant or Agent details
If you are not the Landowner/Occupant or you have an Agent to represent you please complete the details below:-
3. Your interest in the land
4. Location of the proposed works
This form is only to be used for works affecting Ordinary Watercourses. Before submitting this application, please check that the watercourse is not classed as a main river. If the watercourse is a main river, please exit this form and contact the Environment Agency. You can check Main River status by searching for 'Statutory Main River Map for England' online.
Have you checked if the section of the watercourse is classed as a main river? *

5. Description and purpose of the proposed works
6. Plans and sections:
7. Construction Details
7.1 Are the works permanent or temporary? *
7.2 Proposed date of construction work (if known)?
8. Supporting evidence
9. Environment Agency interests
Do the proposed works involve or affect the following?
If yes please contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 or visit their website.
10. Other authority permissions
11. Maintaining the structure
Name of person or organisation responsible for maintaining the structure
12. Effects on the environment
13. Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessment
Is a Water Framework Directive Assessment required as part of your application? *
14. Fees
The fee is £50 for each structure associated with the application (section 5.2). There is no VAT charged. This online form is for payments by Credit / Debit Card only. If you prefer to pay by cheque you need to complete an application form and either post or email the form, supporting documents and cheque to us. If you would like to be invoiced for the fee, please email or post the completed application form and supporting documents to us and include a Purchase Order number.
15. Checklist
Please read through this list and tick the items you are sending with this application.
16. Declaration
By signing below you are declaring that, as far as you know, the information given in this application, including any supporting documents, is true.
By signing and submitting this application, you confirm that you understand that your information will be held and processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice for the life of the consent or 15 years, whichever is longer.
After submitting your application please e-mail the attachments to or by post to Surrey County Council, Strategic Network Resilience Team, Building G (Lab), Merrow Lane, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7BQ. When e-mailing or posting the attachments please ensure you quote the EF Reference number provided following your submission of this form. Your application form will be forwarded to an officer for processing upon receipt of your online payment and all corresponding paperwork.
Please make your selections
Item Item cost Quantity Amount
Ordinary Watercourse Consent (per structure) * £50.00 £50.00

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