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A to Z of forms

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Form Description
Map Request Fill in this feedback form online. More information about maps
Marriage Ceremony Checklist - Licensed Venue Please give information relating to your Surrey marriage ceremony at a Licensed Venue eg. hotel, country house, racecourse etc. It contains details of music, readings, ring exchange, vows etc. required by the registrar in order to conduct the marriage ceremony.
Marriage Ceremony Checklist - Register Office Please give information relating to your marriage ceremony at a Surrey Register Office. It contains details of music, readings, ring exchange, vows etc. required by the registrar in order to conduct the celebration.
Marriage entry correction For more information see birth, death and marriage
Marriage Venue Licence Application Application for a new licence or to renew a licence for approval of premises to hold marriage and civil partnership ceremonies.
Medium Term Financial Plan printing request You can request a copy of the Medium Term Financial Plan, or individual sections of it, by completing this form.
Mineral Exploration Annexe 1 This form is an annexe to Application for Planning Permission for Mineral Working or Waste Treatment or Waste Disposal and Associated Development
Minerals and Waste developments - your comments Comment on planning applications for Minerals, Waste or County Developments
Minerals and Waste Enforcement - any enquiries or complaints about a site How to make a enquiry or comment about a minerals and waste site
Minerals Planning Permission - Application Form On-line Application Form for Minerals Planning Permision
Missing Education Please use this form to raise a concern that a statutory school age child (and who lives in Surrey) is missing from education because they may not have a school place and are not being educated otherwise (eg: in alternative provision or elective home education) nb Please do not use this form for children who are on the roll of a school but not attending. Instead please contact the area Education Welfare Service who are responsible for monitoring school attendance.
Music set request form Make a group request for materials held in the Dance, drama and music resources collection at Ewell Library.