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Register of Landowner Statements and Highways Statements and Declarations - reference 31(6)-I-08-02

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Name or description of land:
Land & buildings at Gotwick Estate (including Blockfield Farm, Hollow Lane, Dormansland)

Borough or district(s):


Nearest town or city:
East Grinstead

Nearest postcode:
RH19 3PT

Unique reference (highways declarations only):

Grid reference:
TQ 414 403

Land owner:
Andrew John Chandler & Linda Jean Chandler; and
David John Chandler & Christopher John Chandler

Land owner's address or contact details:
Gotwick Manor, Shepherds Grove Lane, Hammerwood, East Grinstead, RH19 3PT and
1 Craven Hill Mews, London, W2 3DY.

Date(s) on which the deposits were received:
01/19/2022, 03/11/2022

Date on landowner statements:

Date on highways statements:
10/16/2001, 10/23/2009, 01/04/2022

Date on highways declarations:
03/28/2002, 10/23/2009, 02/11/2022

Renewal date(s) (highways declarations only):

Previous Landowners: Taurus Word Holdings S A, Gotwick Manor Estate, Hammerwood, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH 19 3PY
Gotwick Limited, Church Farm Cottage, Chaill Green, Lewes (from 2009)

S&P -Gotwick Estate - 23.10.2009_Redacted.pdfS&P -Gotwick Estate - 23.10.2009_Redacted.pdfS&P-Gotwick Manor Estate -16.10.2001_Redacted.pdfS&P-Gotwick Manor Estate -16.10.2001_Redacted.pdfSD - Gotwick Estate - 23.10.2009_Redacted.pdfSD - Gotwick Estate - 23.10.2009_Redacted.pdfSD - Gotwick Manor Estate - 28.03.2002_Redacted.pdfSD - Gotwick Manor Estate - 28.03.2002_Redacted.pdfCA17 Notice_HS_LS.pdfCA17 Notice_HS_LS.pdfHS_LS_Gotwick Estate_TAN_2022_R.pdfHS_LS_Gotwick Estate_TAN_2022_R.pdfHD_Gotwick Estate_TAN_2022_R.pdfHD_Gotwick Estate_TAN_2022_R.pdfHD_CA17 Notice.pdfHD_CA17 Notice.pdf


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