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Highways problems and enquiries

You can use this page to report a problem or make an enquiry relating to Surrey's highways.

Please select the subject that relates most closely to your problem or enquiry from the list below. You can use the A to Z to help you find the subject. If we don't deal with this ourselves, we'll direct you to who does.

Information about our response timescales can be found on our Highways Customer Charter page.


Damage to Council Property Report damage or vandalism to council property
Dangerous substances on the road Report hazardous material on the highway
Dead animal (large) causing an obstruction in the road Report an emergency - large dead animal in the road
Dead animal (small) at side of road or pavement e.g. badger, rat, bird Report a small dead animal to your local District or Borough Council
Dead tree Log an enquiry about trees or vegetation
Debris blocking the road Report an obstruction blocking passage of the highway
Debris or litter on the highway Report litter or debris on, but not blocking, the highway
Decluttering of network furniture Log an enquiry about the decluttering of roads
Decluttering of road signs Log an enquiry about the decluttering of roads
Deterioration of carriageway or road surface Log a report that the carriageway is deteriorating
Deterioration of footway or pavement Log a report or enquiry about the footway
Deterioration of grass verge Log an enquiry about a grass verge
Disabled access Log an enquiry about disabled access
Disabled parking bays Apply for a disabled parking bay (PDF form)
Ditch blocked Report a blocked ditch
Drain blocked Report a blocked drain or gully
Drain loose, broken, rocking or cracked Report an issue with a broken Drain / Gully
Drainage problem Report a flooding problem (not from rivers)
Driveway marking Find out information above white line marking across an accessway to help prevent it from being obstructed
Dropped kerb application Apply to have a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) constructed at your property
Dumping Report fly tipping