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Highways problems and enquiries

You can use this page to report a problem or make an enquiry relating to Surrey's highways.

Please select the subject that relates most closely to your problem or enquiry from the list below. You can use the A to Z to help you find the subject. If we don't deal with this ourselves, we'll direct you to who does.

Information about our response timescales can be found on our Highways Customer Charter page.


Access for people with disabilities Log an enquiry about disabled access
Access for the disabled enquiry Log an enquiry about disabled access
Access protection markings - white 'H' lines Find out information above white line marking across an accessway to help prevent it from being obstructed
Adopting a road Log an enquiry about road adoption
Advertising banner request Log a request to erect or have erected a banner or poster
Advertising board obstructing the highway Inform us of an advertising board obstructing the highway (commonly used outside shops and businesses)
Advertising signs - over crowded Log an enquiry about the decluttering of roads
Attaching items to Street Lights Apply for a licence to attach items to a street light